It does not matter where they have hidden them

We ALWAYS Find Them

We have at your disposal our own staff who, in collaboration with the Police, is responsible for recovering your stolen scooter.
We also locate those that have been vandalized.
A conventional GPS does not guarantee success in recovery stolen goods. It is not enough

We take care of everything

Only CENTINELA manages to locate the stolen scooter in all situations.

When the alarm goes off, our staff retrieves your scooter in a legal 100 form and delivers it to your facility.

100% of your operational fleet

Finally, safe from theft and vandalism

We recovered your scooter in 4 steps

Stolen Object Recovery Experts

1. We received notice of missing scooter

2. We activate the device to locate the stolen scooter

3. We coordinate the rescue of the scooter with the Police

4. We deliver the scooter to your facility

Years of R & D


We have worked very hard to get the best location technology We also have a lot of experience rescuing stolen assets.
If you trust SENTRY, your scooters will be in the best hands.

Robbery and vandalism. The two big problems of sharing

With CENTINELA both problems are solved.

You won’t lose any more scooters

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We already operate in


Spain, Portugal, France and Italy

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We study your offer of scooters, the cities where you are and we offer a proposal adapted to you.